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4:09pm on Friday, 14th November, 2014:

IGGIed Out


I've finished my 2-week stint of teaching Doctoral Training Centre students. I think they may have learned something, but then again they could have known it anyway.

Apart from getting away from the strain of teaching from 10 until 5 (I've no idea how schoolteachers keep this up day in, day out), what I'm looking forward to most is nothing really to do with the teaching at all. So as to keep my voice working, before every lecture in the morning I went to Zest, which is one of the university's coffee bars, and I ordered a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was fine, but two things about this experience annoyed me.

First, as I always went in at the same time and they always switched their background music machine on at the same time, I always foudn myself waiting in line with Kate Bush playing in the background. I've nothing against Kate Bush, I just have something against her (or anyone else) always playing whenever I found myself queueing. I don't like background music at the best of times, but the same background music at the same time every day — augh!

The other thing that I shall be relieved not to be confronted with again is this:

That second use of the word "customers" makes no sense. If they're in Zest and they're not Zest customers, they're not customers. Augh again!

Teaching the IGGI students was great, though — what a smart bunch of people! I'll look forward to doing it again for the new intake next year, assuming this year's lot don't all write to the IGGI high-ups complaining about me. I may change my mind after marking their assessments, mind you; that seems a bit more like actual work...

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