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9:32am on Friday, 14th March, 2014:



I bought some more playing cards off eBay recently. They were very inexpensive, mainly because it's not a complete set (there are 3 cards missing, including the Ace of Spades) and it's a facsimile rather than the original (as can be seen by the word "facsimile" printed on them). The reason I got them, though, was because they linked to another interest of mine: old maps. Here's the Ace of Clubs, which is for Yorkshire:

My home town, Hornsea, is where it says Flamborough. Flamborough is actually at the end of the short peninsula to the north. Atwick is also north of Hornsea (by about 3 miles — it's the next village up the coast).

Bah! What do those old map-makers know?

Curiously, the cards come with an explanation card that doesn't have the word "facsimile" printed on it:

This suggests that perhaps the maps are facsimiles and the word is on the original cards, in which these could be originals after all. Sadly, a quick scoot around the Internet shows that the originals don't say they're facsimiles. Oh well, I might have guessed from the quality of the card they're printed on...

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