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2:43pm on Wednesday, 13th August, 2014:



I arrived in Münster at 11am, which was well before check-in time at the hotel, so I dropped off my bag and went for an explore.

Münster is swarming with bicycles. There are special red areas of pavement for them to use and they get most upset if they find a pedestrian on one, That said, they also ride on the regular pavement and the road, and they stop for no-one (not even fellow cyclists). From the evidence of their behaviour at pedestrian crossings, they can't even see them and treat them as if they were normal road even if the cars have stopped for people to cross. They're also avid bell-users.

As if walking around a city in which I don't understand more than a handful of words anyone says wasn't stressful enough... Still, it's a really nice place. My theory that all German cities have beautiful old towns has yet to be defeated by a counter-example.

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