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10:30am on Tuesday, 12th August, 2014:



I'm off to Germany tomorrow, to attend the Multi.Player 2 conference in Münster. I enjoyed the first Multi.Player conference in 2011 (which was in Hohenheim, near Stuttgart) so I'm looking forward to it. I'm giving the closing address this time, which means I have to pay attention to the sessions and then summarise what I thought of them as a whole. Hopefully, most people will have gone home by that time so I won't bore too many of them.

Getting to Münster is much easier than I thought it would be. The nearest airport is Münster/Osnabrück, but it's not a very big one; I was expecting to have to fly to Dortmund or even Cologne. However, for some bizarre reason, there's a direct flight to it from Southend Airport. To put this in perspective, Southend Airport flies to Dublin, Newquay amd Jersey in the British Isles, 7 package holiday destinations in Spain, Venice, Geneva, Bern, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Groningen, Berlin and Münster/Osnabrück. Why an airport that only has 18 destinations in total would include Münster/Osnabrück as one of them is a mystery, but hey, I'm not complaining. Southend airport is less than an hour away from me by car, and is rated the best in the UK for customer experience (probably because it was the second-busiest airport in the UK in the 1970s so has more facilities than it needs).

Now all I need is for the online check-in for my flight to open, which it was supposed to do at 8pm last night but didn't...

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