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3:18pm on Tuesday, 7th October, 2014:

Thai the Knot


My eldest niece, Marie, is getting married sometime in November in Thailand. She's marrying a man from Bristol who works there as a teacher at a boarding school, and will be emigrating there herself.

That's all I know on the subject. I don't think it's a great deal more than Marie knows herself, so I can't complain.

Unfortunately, I have two weeks of teaching-morning-and-afternoon-every-day in November so won't be able to head out there for the wedding. Nor do I have time to work on my wife to persuade her that I have to go somewhere exotic purely out of duty. Damn.

Hmm, given the choice of anywhere in the world, where would my preference for a location to attend a family wedding be? Nowhere in particular actually springs to mind.

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