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11:25am on Monday, 6th October, 2014:

Famous Face


Essex University has a new web site for our Doctoral Training Centre, IGGI. Being Essex University, the web site had to be corporatised to fit the brand. this entails having a faculty-coloured header on the left and a representative image on the right. For example: History has a blue Department of History and a pictures of clock faces; Language and Linguistics has a purple background and a picture of wooden type blocks; Mathematics has a green background and a picture of, er, bees on a honeycomb; Computer Science also has a green background and a picture of vertical binary numbers (amber on black, gawd knows where they got it, it's like something out of a 1980s film).

The most common type of image used is of young people, typically female. I assume that this is to show that education is not just for men, and the view that it makes the web page look more attractive is a mere side effect.

Anyway, the image we were given for the IGGI site was a vague, out-of-focus affair that didn't go down well at all. We said as much, and asked if we could use screenshots from a game instead. Surprisingly, the answer came back yes, but it had to be of a person if possible as those work better than maps or buildings or whatever.

To this end, I put together a set of 16 images pulled from screenshots I had in my Secret World screenshots folder to see if these were the kind of thing that were acceptable. They were, so I did another 16 from assorted other screenshot folders.

Here they are:

This lot don't have numbers but top left is 17, bottom left is 24, bottom right is 32.

One of these 32 was selected to go on the web page. So, which do you think it was?

Answer here.

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