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6:06pm on Tuesday, 4th November, 2014:

Teaching Doctoral Students


I've given two lectures to the IGGI students so far. I've never given lectures to PhD students before, and the difference between them and undergraduates is remarkable. They ask questions the whole time, they point out where the things I say don't match what they know, they debate stuff between themselves. It's amazing!

When you're a game designer who doesn't work in an environment surrounded by game designers, it's hard to have a decent conversation. This is why I will drop everything and go out of my way to meet fellow designers who are in town. With these PhD students, though, I'm getting a similar chance to discuss things, rather than merely state how things are.

The sad thing is, I could probably have similar discussions with undergraduates if enough of them would engage with the lectures. Most don't, and the ones that might are reluctant to do so because interacting with a lecturer is regarded as a sign of weakness.

I may feel differently after two weeks of this when my voice has given up and I've exhausted myself as well as the students. Right now, though, I'm loving it!

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