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6:38pm on Monday, 3rd November, 2014:

Dry Run


It's the first day of teaching my 2-week module on game design to scarily-smart PhD students. Although the lecture started at 10am, I went straight to the university after dropping my wife off at the train station, so got in at around 7:30. This gave me plenty of time to go through my slides, check out the lecture room and do other finicky admin things without having to worry about driving through rush-hour traffic.

Why, then, did I find myself back home, in my attic, at 9am?

Well, when I got there I went through my slides, made a few minor changes, then cranked up my laptop to move the presentation over to it. The battery only had an hour's worth of juice left in it, so I figured I should plug it into the mains and recharge it.

No mains plug.

I came home, looked around and couldn't find it. I was in the attic looking for my backup power supply, which has universal adapters and so works with everything. Sadly, it works with the old laptop I gave my mother that she managed to damage the power supply of, so it's at her house. Eventually, it occurred to me to look in the cables drawer of my desk. I was thinking I might find a compatible cable there, but instead I found the actual one. I must have put it there when I took stuff out of the suitcase last time I went travelling anywhere.

So it was, I made it back to the university by about 9:30. I've just finished catching up with the admin I was expecting to do this morning when I was sitting in traffic instead.

Oh, and the university car park was confused by my exit and re-entry and charged me £8.60 instead of £0.80. I doubt I'll get that back...

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