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3:04pm on Wednesday, 27th November, 2013:



We've cancelled the Kickstarter campaign for The Hopefuls, on the basis that after an opening week in which 12 people pledged a total of £270 we were never going to make the target. If you were one of those 12 people, thanks and sorry.

In part we lost momentum because interface issues meant it was difficult for would-be US investors to invest. However, we were hoping for more passing investment from regular Kickstarter boardgame enthusiasts than we got; the other three boardgames that launched the same day all picked up more investors than we did. It looks, therefore, as if the way to go is to build up a group of potential investors first (by taking prototypes of the game around and getting people to play it — it is actually a good game) and then go to Kickstarter.

Oh well, I guess that's what we'll try. Watch this space...

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