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12:27pm on Wednesday, 27th November, 2013:



Under UK law, when you close a company you have to keep its records for 7 years before destroying them. As I closed MUSE Ltd down in September 2006, I finally got around to doing the destroying. Actually, I took most of the records to the council recycling centre, but I had to shred a pile of material about 5cm thick in case the credit card numbers of former players haven't changed in 25 years. It didn't take as long as I thought it would, mainly because fanfold paper is easy to feed into the shredder.

Among the documents I went through before consigning them to be remade into tomorrow's egg boxes, I found this letter from CompuServe:

This explains how something like MUD1 could rake in over a million dollars a year for CompuServe.

I wonder how many people today would pay an $8.95 monthly subscription fee plus $16 an hour to play their favourite MMO?

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