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10:29am on Sunday, 22nd December, 2013:



I was going to inflict upon you today some of the photos I took on my recent trip. However, this morning I read Knights of the Dinner Table #204, which had arrived while I was away.

I was rather pleasantly surprised to discover that it included three strips using material I submitted to the magazine well over a decade ago:

No-one had mentioned to me that this was going to happen, so it was my second pleasant surprise in a week.

As a result of the publication of these strips, some of my ideas are now KoDT canon, such as the fact that B. A. Felton's grandmother was British. You can see the original strip here; it's been extended more than somewhat for its publication in the magazine, which is fine by me (today's strips are longer than they were back in the day).

Yes, I realise that anyone who doesn't read KoDT has no idea what I'm talking about and probably doesn't want such an idea, either.

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