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6:28pm on Saturday, 21st December, 2013:

Phone Guy


When I was wandering around Tel Aviv on Tuesday, I came across a large building site. There was an architect's computer-generated realisation along one of the walls to show what was going to be constructed (apartment blocks round a leafy central square). Here's a part of the image, so you can see what I mean:

Hmm, that guy in the centre there at the bottom is using his mobile phone:

He looks rather like this guy a few feet further to the left:

There's another guy with a phone up on one of the apartment balconies:

Or is that two balconies?


No, four:

The same model appeared six times on the panel. There were other models that also made multiple appearances. I don't know whether architects are just cheapskates who won't buy more models or whether there's a psychologically-proven reason for re-using them to trigger a subliminal sense of harmony or something. Most people probably wouldn't notice that the same models were being re-used.

Didn't work on me, though, architect. Sorry.

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