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4:32pm on Saturday, 9th November, 2013:



I was at the King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford today to give a talk. I don't particularly like the concept of grammar schools, but the kids who are sent there have no say in whether they go or not so I wasn't going to hold it against them.

The talk went fine, and afterwards I had a look at some of the other things going on (as part of a Digital and Technology Weekend). I got chatting to four or five pretty smart teenagers aged around 17, none of whom were actually from KEGS. As is so often the case when I speak to people in this age group, yet again I was struck by how relatively low some of their ambitions are in comparison with their manifest abilities. If you've been nominated for a junior BAFTA for your computer modelling artworks, you should't be looking forward to a job making computer models in games for the rest of your life, especially as those jobs will be going to China before they're done by machines. You need to think of self-expression and artistry, not just skills. Augh!

You know those people in tourist towns who sit with an easel next to bridges and draw caricatures of passers-by and Mr Bean? I wonder how long it will be before someone sets up a computer with a 3D printer attached and does 3D caricatures instead?

There's a business opportunity for the unemployed 3D modellers among you. For added I-want-a-job-in-the-games-industry value, set your stall up outside a games conference that developers attend.

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