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5:23pm on Friday, 8th November, 2013:

New Laptop


My new laptop arrived today, so I've spent the past two hours deleting rubbish that came with it and installing stuff that didn't come with it that I want on it.

On the basis that I couldn't find my trusty old Windows Office CD-ROM in among the boxes where I've put all the stuff from my office that I wasn't likely to need (sigh), I decided to buy Windows Office for the laptop. I did this fine and it installed just fine until right at the end when MicroSoft decided to throw in one last security check to make sure I really was who I claimed to be: it sent me an email that I had to click on to confirm my identity, then it would finish the install.

Hmm. So I've just bought and am trying to install MS Outlook but it won't complete until I click on an email that I need to use MS Outlook to read.

Happily, I have more than one computer so was able to jump through their security hoop on my main PC. Nevertheless, you might want to think that through a bit more, Microsoft...

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