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7:41am on Thursday, 26th January, 2012:

Full Tank


Because I'm driving to Cardiff later today, I thought perhaps I ought to put some fuel in the car. I was intending to go to Asda near the train station (where the petrol is as cheap as the customers), but naturally didn't remember this until the moment after I had committed to turn the car in a direction that took me away from Asda. No matter, though, because there's another petrol station I pass on the way home.

Well, I stopped there and decided to pay at the pump rather than walk inside the shop where an alarm was going off. I put in my charge card, pressed all the right buttons and it told me I was clear to pay for £59 of fuel. As it happened, I managed to get £59.13 out of it:

The thing is, that wasn't enough to fill my tank. This is the first occasion I've encountered in which the limiting factor on how much fuel I can put in my tank is not the capacity of the tank but the level of suspicion of the petrol station. My tank was nearly full, but it wasn't actually full.

Damn put petrol is expensive these days...

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