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11:29pm on Wednesday, 25th January, 2012:

Busy People


I'm sitting on a train to London as I type this, as tonight I'm giving a short presentation then sitting on a panel about games at the London Business School. I'm hoping I can catch a train back before 10:30, because that's when they magically change into buses so that the rail line can be worked on overnight in an ongoing effort aimed at fooling foreign visitors to the Olympics in the summer into thinking that all the UK's railway services are fast and modern.

After my lecture tomorrow, I'm driving to Cardiff where I'm attending a conference on Friday. After the conference finishes, I'll be driving back.

Saturday is when I drive my younger daughter to Brighton for a visit-cum-interview that's part of her quest to go to university next year. It's also when my elder daughter will be arriving for a weekend at home before she heads back to the over-priced accommodation she lives in in Bristol (over-priced as in you could get a whole house round here for the price of the small room she occupies).

This means I shan't be able to hook up with Jesse Schell, who's in the UK right now and with whom I had been hoping to hook up. (Er, I guess to be truly pedantic that should be "up with whom I had been hoping to hook"), It also means an end to my nascent career as guild operations healer in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

Oh well. I suppose it's better to be busy than not, although in truth I'd prefer not to be busy but to be paid as if I were busy.

Urr, the person who just got on at Witham and sat in front of me stinks of cigarette smoke.

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