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10:35am on Tuesday, 22nd May, 2012:

Art Collection #2


Way back in 2006 I mentioned that we have some artwork on our walls. I've been meaning to follow that up for a while, but haven't ever really got round to it. However, having heard from Liz Danforth that some of her Middle Earth artwork had been put up for sale on eBay by its present owner, I mentioned that I had some too that hangs on our bedroom wall. I thought I perhaps ought to furnish evidence of this, so here it is:

It's hanging above a piece by Christina Wald that I'll maybe blog about another time.

Liz's picture cost me $45 from GenCon in August 1994. When I saw it, I just thought "portent" and decided there and then to buy it. There was another work for sale that I also would have bought if I hadn't suspected that my wife might have alleged I was only buying it because it featured a good-looking woman (it was entitled Dúnadan Lady).

Oh, the reason I know the name of the illustration I didn't buy is because it appears in the same Middle Earth Campaign Guide that the piece I did buy appears in. Here's mine in situ:

Given that Liz's Gollum, Frodo and Gandalf pictures (mounted together) sold yesterday for $310, I think I could probably get, ooh, up to $45 if I put Iant Iaur on eBay.

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