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9:45am on Sunday, 26th November, 2006:

Art Collection


I have an art collection. Really — I have paintings hanging on the wall. OK, so they're not all that great, and I don't have many of them, and some aren't paintings but are matchbox labels or other weirdnesses. I do have some paintings and original drawings, though, most of which I acquired during trips to GenCon in the 1990s.

Pride of place is the large expanse of wall above our stairs, and it goes to this 1994 picture of a wizard by William O'Connor which appeared in the December 1995 issue of Dragon magazine:

It cost $500, plus some duty I had to pay at customs when I brought it back to the UK.

I've had this painting on the wall for over 10 years, but recently had a disturbing thought. Red coat, white beard, December ... Damn! It's Father Christmas, isn't it?

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