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5:57pm on Saturday, 17th November, 2012:

Not Thinking it Through


I still don't know the breakdown of our local Police and Crime Commissioner election. I know who won, but I don't know who came second or anything. That information doesn't appear to be available. We do know that the turnout was even more miserable than expected, though.

The government is apparently holding an inquiry to find out why the turnout was so low. I'm sure this will find plenty of evidence to suggest tit was because the election was in November, or because there was no mailshot, or because it wasn't advertised enough — pretty well anything except the fact that the electorate doesn't want to give a democratic mandate to someone in a job they don't feel should have a democratic mandate. Of course, if the enquiry were to produce that finding, it would mean the election was simply a bad idea. Yes, as if that's going to happen...

Basically, the elections were never likely to be a success because they were proposed by the Conservative party. The other parties were therefore opposed to it by definition (it makes political dialogue so much easier if you just vote against everything the government does); however, the Conservatives in the electorate were also against it by definition. It's a change: they're conservatives, so don't want change, they want to keep things the way they were — that's why they're called "conservative".

This really wasn't thought through...

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