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3:08pm on Saturday, 17th November, 2012:



This is the headline for the main article on the Money pull-out section of today's Guardian:

So, the country's finances are in a mess. The government is trying to cut back on spending by not giving the Child Benefit allowance to parents who have sufficient income that they don't need it. The cut-off point they went for was £50,000 a year. This guy earns £54,000 a year but still wants child benefit, so he looked up wheezes to put his income under the threshold without actually getting paid less. His solution is to increase his pension contributions (paying a chunk to charity or buying child-care vouchers would also have done it).

So he honestly thinks that people on a salary of £54,000 a year have a need for Child Benefit? He's not just being greedy?

He should be ashamed of himself, rather than boasting about his success in a newspaper.

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