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12:07pm on Thursday, 16th August, 2012:

Moving Up


I get so much spam every day that I have a bunch of MS Outlook rules to delete it. When I updated MS Office last year or whenever it was, I found there was a much easier way to create rules for spam. I just right-click an aberrant message, create a rule that says to delete it if it the subject contains some word or phrase, and then I run it. I have some master, override rules that allow messages through if they're sent from people in my address book or if they go to specific addresses at mud.co.uk or whatever.

These master rules are supposed to be processed first. Otherwise, a message may get deleted before it gets redirected to my "Inbox OK" folder. However, it transpires that all the new rules I've been adding have been put at the top of the list in terms of priority. I wanted them at the bottom.

OK, no problem, I can move rules up in the list by clicking on an arrow.

Except, I can only move one rule up at a time and I can only move it up one position at a time. I've just moved my first rule up by clicking 280 times on the same up arrow button. I have another 20 or so rules I need to move up that way.

I wonder if mouse manufacturers pay Microsoft for this kind of unnecessary wear and tear on their devices?

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