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12:47pm on Wednesday, 15th August, 2012:

Unexpected Throwing


I popped into the university today to empty my pigeonhole of mail, and discovered that it (the university, not my pigeonhole) was playing host to the European Disc Golf Championship. This involves throwing what-will-annoy-the-competitors-if-I-call-them frisbees at great speed towards posts. These are about 2 metres tall, with a catching plate half way up and some slack chains atached to it from a circle at the top such that if you hit one with a frisbee the frisbee would lose momentum and fall into the catching plate.

I only saw a couple of throws as I walked past, but they were impressive. Low, fast, straight and distant: if they used metal discs instead of plastic ones, they could decapitate someone with one of those. Next time you want to assassinate a poltician, smuggle a razor-edged one into a venue in the hubcap of your car and you're all set.

Aside: it's great that the legal system has Freed the Twitter One I get to make remarks like this safe in the knowledge that I won't be hauled off by a reluctant police force in response to a complaint by someone who knows enough Internet to read it but not enough to absorb its context.

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