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3:11pm on Thursday, 12th July, 2012:

Clearly Visible


When I got back from London on Tuesday, I found this stuck to the windscreen of my car:

I was a little surprised, as I had actually bought my £6.60 ticket. Here it is in place:

NCP, the people who operate the car park, have an appeals procedure for people who feel they have received a parking contravention charge notice incorrectly can appeal, so I did yesterday, online. Here's what I gave as my reason for not buying a ticket and clearly displaying it in my car's windscreen.

I did buy a ticket and it was clearly on display in the windscreen. Previous experience with the tickets from this car park had left paper on my windscreen when I tried to remove them, so I stuck it to my tax disc holder instead of to the glass. During the day, the dampness in the air made it droop backwards, but it remained in view, especially so from either of the two angles from which your operative would have had to have stood to affix the charge notice. I still have the ticket; furthermore, if you care to examine your CCTV footage of the car park, you will see me buying it a few minutes before 9am and affixing it to my windscreen. Also, had I not paid and displayed, then your operative would have given me a charge notice on an earlier sweep of the car park rather than in the middle of the afternoon.

In summary, I did buy a ticket, it was clearly on display in the windscreen, and I believe this Parking Contravention Charge Notice was one of the many false positives you must receive each day.

They haven't replied yet, but even if they reject it I shan't be paying their £75 penalty charge; I'll see them in court instead. Anyone whose entire job is built around looking in car windows for tickets should have been able to see that one...

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