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10:01am on Wednesday, 11th July, 2012:

Nice Heckle


So, the book launch I was at last night was for The Young Atheist's Handbook, which isn't published for another week so you won't find it in your friendly local bookshop yet. At the start, the author, Alom Shaha, was so overcome by the number of people in the audience that he said he'd fix dinner for any of us if we were to drop in on him: "I may not be good at writing, but I can cook a great dhal!". Given that there were 200 or more of us in the audience, this raised a laugh, but not a big a laugh as the one a (friendly) heckler got at the end.

Alom: Don't forget my promise earlier — I'll feed you all!
Heckler: The Messiah!

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