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11:22am on Monday, 10th September, 2012:

Pain in the Neck


Yesterday, at around 3pm when we returned to the ship, I got a pain in my head. It was at the base of my skull, at the back where it joins the neck muscles. I was a little worried in case it was a headache (I've never had one and I don't want to start), but I'm pretty sure the brain doesn't go down that far. I took the pain as a sign that I was tired, but I didn't feel tired and when I tried to sleep I didn't get anywhere. My next guess was that it was dehydration, but taking on more fluid didn't help. It was very painful, so I took one of the pills my daughter has with her for headaches, but that made no difference either.

The pain continued until we were at dinner, around 6:30pm. Just was the soup arrived, I felt incredibly tired and gave two enormous yawns. The moment the second one was over, the pain disappeared. It was as if the yawn had switched it off. I hadn't felt tired until then and I didn't feel tired afterwards, either. Indeed, I watched some TV in our cabin, er, stateroom until 12:30am and still didn't feel tired. It took me ages to get off to sleep.

Oh well, it was probably nothing more than the prequel to a stroke.

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