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2:18pm on Sunday, 9th September, 2012:



It's day six of our cruise, and we're in sunny Corfu. Unfortunately, the forecast told us it would be 20 degrees Celsius with a high chance of rain, so we weren't really dressed for 32 degrees and clear blue skies. Someone must have delivered the wrong consignment of weather.

Corfu was another one of the places on the cruise that I was particularly looking forward to visiting, as I'd heard a lot about it. In the end, it was good, yes, but not as good as I'd hoped.

I'm tempted to go along to this just to find out what kind of a secret society it is:

I think it may be Oz-based.

The Greeks may complain about the German attitude to their weak and feeble economy, but take a look at the taxi rank outside the port:

All but one of the taxis there is a Mercedes; the other is a Volkswagon.

See that fortress at the top of this view of Old Corfu?

It was there that I took this other photo of Old Corfu:

The fortress in that photo is the one from which I took the photo of the other fortress.

At street level, the old town was quite fetching, with lots of narrow streets and shops all trying to sell the same stuff as one another:

It did get busier later in the day, once most of them had actually opened. Well, it is a Sunday.

I've no idea what was going on here:

Maybe there was a fire alarm at the naval cadet college?

The plaster chefs in Corfu are altogether more intimidating than in Kotor:

This cat seems to have found something interesting in the newspaper:

You thought British water authorities didn't plug leaks?

This burst storage container was pouring water out continuously. By the look of it, it had been doing so for months if not years.

Courtesy of my younger daughter, here's a photograph of the inside of a women's public lavatory:

Yes, that blue bucket is for the paper. Yes, it does mean toilet paper. Yes, people had used it. Yes, they had used it for that. The Greeks must have evolved immunity to all kinds of diseases after decades of this practice. Oh, and note the lack of a seat on the toilet. Perhaps people are expected to bring their own?

The message we had in the gents' toilet is tame in comparison:

I like the little handwritten "press" written above "click"; it makes it so much clearer.

The signs all said this was a synogogue:

I don't think it's used as a synogogue any more.

Upon seeing these, my wife commented, "even the pigeons are ugly":

I didn't pursue what the "even" meant.

These dead dogs were all over the place:

I guess they could have been just sleeping.

You can tell Greece isn't a Catholic country:

If it were, this radio mast would have a little man nailed to it.

So, that's Corfu. I was expecting it to be much classier than it is, but it still has a certain charm. It might have looked better without the larger of the two fortresses, though, which is something of an eyesore to be honest.

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