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12:46pm on Saturday, 7th January, 2012:

Make-Your-Own Adverts


I was in the Halifax the other day, banking some cheques, and as usual the queue was several minutes long. I noticed that they had some new advertising posters up. This was one of them:

Notice anything odd about that?

Well, the buttons on the woman's jacket are done up the wrong way, like on a man's jacket.

OK, so perhaps in this egalitarian world, women have jackets with their buttons done up the same way as do men. Except, here's another poster featuring the same woman:

Quite clearly, they flipped the image for the first one, then made the poster big enough that it covered the tell-tale name badge. When you see both, though, with her hair parted differently, it's obvious what's happened.

This next one is a bit more subtle. Look at the woman in these two posters:


So it's the same woman, with her name badge on the same side, but her parting is on a different side. What's going on?

Take a close look at her head. There's a faint line around it that isn't round the rest of her. Here's a close-up, so you can see what I mean better:

OK, so they cut her head from a different image and stuck it onto this one.

The cards they're holding are blank, by the way. The writing is put on afterwards. Nothing new there, I did that myself when making my business cards. What you might not notice, though, are that the hands on the posters are also put on afterwards. When they took the photos, they wanted to make sure they could make the models (whom I believe are all genuine Halifax employees) be appearing to hold cards of any size.

Unfortunately, the reason I know this is not something I can show you because I couldn't find the image concerned online. It's on a huge poster behind the tellers in the Colchester branch (unless they've taken it down, as I pointed it out to them when I was being served). The poster features a Halifax woman holding a banner card with someone else, which looks fine except she has two right hands. They have another poster to the left of the tellers that had a the same woman holding a poster on her own; they took the right hand from that and used it as the left hand on the other poster. It's really creepy: she has a little finger where her index finger should be and vice versa.

As I mentioned, I told the man who served me so he could claim a prize if one was on offer, but I don't suppose one was.

This is what comes of making people queue for too long, the Halifax...

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