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6:49pm on Monday, 6th February, 2012:

Speaking Too Soon


My 3pm flight finally took off at around 4:20. The departures board came up 15:30, then switched to 15:25; it remained there until 15:16 whereupon it switched to saying 15:46 and then about a minute later it gave us the gate. Fortunately, it was one that could be reached in half an hour.

The pilot was at pains to tell us that the reason we were late was because the plane had arrived in London late. This was due to there being no spare gates on account of how a number of flights had turned round mid-air and returned; these flights were occupying all the free the gates. I hope the ill people hadn't all eaten at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at terminal 5.

When we arrived, Hamburg airport was a breeze to get through despite a warning from the pilot that it was -12C outside. I think he was exaggerating: in the taxi, the external temperature was given as -10.5C and only occasionally dipped to -11C. Still, I'm glad I brought my coat...

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