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1:45pm on Monday, 6th February, 2012:



Although there were delays to the trains, I did manage to get to Heathrow in reasonable time by the simple expedient of setting off slightly more stupidly early than the stupidly early when I normally set off. My flight is from Terminal 5, which is good because it meant I could have lunch at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant here.

The reason I like to eat at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant isn't because I'm a Gordon Ramsay fan (the prices ensure that), but because it always has a risotto on the menu and it's never mushroom, chicken or seafood. I love risottos, but rarely get to have them because I dislike mushroom, chicken and seafood. My wife does a great asparagus risotto, but my younger daughter doesn't like them so we only have it when she's out with her friends. Today, the Gordon Ramsay restaurant's risotto was Jerusalem artichoke; I couldn't have told you that from the look or the taste, but hey, it was a risotto and I really enjoyed it.

That's more than I can say about the starter I ordered, which came on a bed of mushrooms, but you can't have it all...

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