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4:51pm on Monday, 4th June, 2012:

Art Collection #3


A couple of weeks ago, I showed you the Liz Danforth drawing I have on the bedroom wall. In the picture of it, you could see it was hanging above another artwork by Christina Wald, which I said I'd maybe blog about later.

Now is that later.

So, here's the piece in question:

It looks a bit weird here because I scanned it instead of photographing it and there's some odd reflections. However, hopefully you can see that it's the original artwork for a card from a collectible card game, Dragon Storm. The game appeared in 1996 when a wave of new collectible card games were trying to get a piece of the Magic: the Gathering pie. Dragon Storm was differentiated by its glossy, high-quality cards and the fact that the artists got more of a cut than those of M:TG apparently did. It wasn't the success its developers hoped it would be, but unlike most of its peers it's still available (indeed, version 2.0 was launched last year).

I like game-related art, so I went to GenCon 1996 with the intention of buying some artwork for a CCG — expressly not M:TG as that would be too expensive. Because Dragon Age had the nicest cards and the nicest people trying to sell those cards, that's what I chose. I was never going to play the game itself because I knew as soon as I read the rules of M:TG that CCGs came with rip-off levels of expense. I bought this particular card because of the ones that were available for sale, I liked it the most. It cost me $25. My guess is that if I were to sell it today, it could fetch as much as $25.

On the back of the frame, I have another copy of the card; this one is signed by the artist. I also have an unopened starter deck of Dragon Age cards just waiting to be worth a fortune once the game finally takes off.

It must be great to be able to paint.

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