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6:14pm on Monday, 2nd July, 2012:

Art Collection #5


Continuing the occasional series...

We have this hanging on our bedroom wall:

It's original artwork from Knights of the Dinner Table Illustrated, a now defunct comic showing the adventures of the characters in the Knights of the Dinner Table series (as opposed to the players). I have every issue of KoDT Illustrated, so I guess I could look through them and see which exact one this panel appeared in, but that sounds too much like work for my liking; it's probably #9 or #10. I acquired it in February 2003, and it features the Untouchable Trio (Knuckles, El Ravager and Teflon Billy) attacking the guards of former torch-bearer Gilead (wearing his Helm of Lordship); Gilead is being comforted by the Untouchable Trio+1's +1, Zayre.

I bought it because I really like the style of the artists, Brendon and Brian Fraim. I have a second piece by them that will probably show up as Art Collection #6. The amount of detail in their work is amazing — it must take them ages to draw/ink them. Then again, given that you can commision a 9"x12" figure for $30, perhaps not.

I picked this in an online auction, my winning bid being $70.15. It's quite large, so if I were to sell it on eBay today I could probably get, ooh, $70 for it, perhaps just a little more.

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