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2:33pm on Wednesday, 27th April, 2011:

Mutter ... Grumble ...


Well, I bought a new printer today.

I wanted a laserprinter, because the ink cartridges for inkjets never hold enough. I wanted it wireless, because then my kids can use it from their laptops. I wanted it to fit on the printer shelf I have next to my desk. I wanted a print density of at least 1200x600. I wanted it to print in colour as well as monochrome. I wanted it to be able to print both sides of the paper.

No printer in the shops matched this specification. I could probably have got one off the Internet, but with this being a 3-day week wedged between two 4-day weekends, the chances are I wouldn't have got it until next Tuesday at the earliest. I almost got a monochrome printer that did everything I wanted (except print in colour, obviously) and at twice the speed of my old printer. However, I really did want colour. No colour laserprinters smaller than a hotel mini-bar were able to print both sides of the paper, so I decided to sacrifice duplex ability rather than size. This left just one printer that fitted all the criteria: the Samsung CLP325W. It's exactly the same as my old Samsung CLP315W except that none of the expensive components I bought for that one fit it.

It took half an hour to install it — rather longer than the "one touch Wi-Fi setting" label suggests — on account of how I had to press a synchronisation button on my router that my router doesn't have. Instead, I had to connect it using a USB cable (not supplied by Samsung, but I had one in stock with the right kind of weird end) and choose my network from the array of neighbours' networks that the printer had found and was attempting to speak to in preference to the one emanating from the router standing right next to it.

When this one packs up, I'll just throw it away and get a new one. Modular design is all well and good, but when the piece that breaks isn't part of one of the modules and none of the modules fit anything else, it's a waste of money.

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