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9:19am on Tuesday, 26th April, 2011:



Last month, my printer refused to work unless it got a new imaging unit. I was faced with the prospect of buying a new imaging unit for £112 or a new printer for £160.

As I had only the previous month bought four new toners and a waste toner collector, I decided to buy the new imaging unit. I checked the components of the printer and there didn't seem to be any other modular component that could be programmed to fail at the same time as all the others failed, so I reckoned I was safe.

This morning, my younger daughter was printing something off on it and there was a sudden, awful grinding sound. The printer threw up a warning saying that the paper transfer belt was jammed and I should switch the printer off for 10 seconds then switch it back on again to clear it. OK, so I did that and it didn't work.

It didn't work because switching the printer off for 10 seconds doesn't make this into a continuous piece of plastic:

So, I need a new transfer belt. Samsung does make transfer belt units, but not for the CLP-315W. I therefore need a new printer.

Augh! Damn them! Damn damn damn them!

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