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6:33pm on Thursday, 27th January, 2011:



My laptop, which my younger daughter now seems to have commandeered, has a sticker on the back saying, well, look for yourself:

When I got a notebook, I wanted to move the sticker over to it but I couldn't get it off without ruining it. I tried to get a new one from J!nx (where the old one came from — I got it for free in a prize bag from Ludium 1) but they'd stopped making them.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I snapped. I went online, found a company that custom-made bumper stickers, and ordered one (1) that I specified myself. It took awhile to arrive, but today it got here. Here is the result:

Ahh, I can once mre relax in the knowledge I'll get weird looks from passengers on trains when I pull out my portable computer.

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