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6:39pm on Monday, 21st February, 2011:

Old News


This image occupied the bulk of the front cover of i this morning:

Yeah, I did a little sample/target rebalancing in order to overcome the low-quality dimness that passes for i's production values.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because I've seen this picture before. I've seen it many times before, in fact. There's another one that has the same woman lying flat out on a bench (the one she's propped up against here), apparently blotto. I saw these pictures in The Independent when I used to read that before I lost patience with it. Given that i is a cut-down version of The Independent, that would explain the image's presence there. Except, I also saw it in The Guardian last year, so it's not just them that use it.

Basically, then, this is probably a staged picture. The woman is most likely a model, not a binge-drinking teenager. Give it a while and we'll see her again.

The headline may be news, but the picture illustrating it is anything but...

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