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3:29pm on Sunday, 20th February, 2011:

Ignore the Cat


When I left for foreign climes during the week, our new kitchen was in a state of incompleteness. On Friday, though, the granite work surface arrived and was installed: it's amazing how the installation of a slab of black rock improved the look. There's just some tiling to complete, then some coving, then some painting, and then I can put back all the bits of furniture I took out to make room for the workmen.

One of these workmen, the tiler/plumber/carpenter (they're multi-talented), told my wife the following anecdote.

He was starting on some tiling in a big house somewhere. The owners were going out, but said he could expect their cat to come and go while he was working, and that he should ignore it. Sure enough, while he was working this black cat came in through the door, lapped a bit at its water bowl and wandered out. A bit later it returned, went into the living room, came back, had a sleep, wandered around some more and acted pretty much like cats normally do. When the house owners returned, they asked whether the cat had been much trouble and he said no, it was fine, he'd ignored it as instructed. He joked that he was hoping it would bring him some good luck. The owners asked what he meant, "good luck". He said it was a black cat, black cats are supposed to be lucky. They said they didn't have a black cat, their cat was ginger. He'd let a stray into the house. Then they went into the living room and found it had eaten their hamster.

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