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5:48pm on Tuesday, 18th January, 2011:

Field Parking


Following yesterday's problems parking at the university, today I went in an hour earlier. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea and I still couldn't park. I wound up on what must have been the furthest patch of grass from my office where parking is actually condoned.

When I left at 2pm to go to the dentist's (a 2-hour appointment that left me with three teeth missing on the upper left side, awaiting a bridge) there were still people driving around looking for places to park. One driver asked me if I was leaving, and followed me at walking pace for 2 minutes until I got to my car so she could have the space.

It's student interview day tomorrow. Shall I go in even earlier to try get a parking space, or wait until the afternoon when students have gone home but I'm competing with the parents of prospective students?

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