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8:28am on Tuesday, 18th January, 2011:

Sense of Humour


There were several mentions this morning on the TV and in the newspapers about Ricky Gervais's turn at the Golden Globes. Apparently, it didn't go down well with some people and did go down well with others. The deciding factor was, apparently, whether you liked the "British sense of humour" or not.

Ricky Gervais has Ricky Gervais's sense of humour. There is some dryness there, but there's also a vindictive, pulling-the-wings-off-flies sadistic malice you don't traditionally get in British humour. Whether America decides it loves or hates Ricky Gervais, I trust it doesn't assume its conclusion applies to all British people. We don't all think rudeness is funny.

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