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2:49pm on Thursday, 29th April, 2010:

Frame Problem


I've mentioned before that my mother is untechnical. Here's an example of it in action, when I visited her this morning.

This is a 10x12 inch picture frame, taken from the back:

As you can see, the stand has come off the hinge:

This is probably as a result of my mother's attempts to make the hinge go back further than it's supposed to go back. That's not the evidence of her being untechnical, though. The evidence of her being untechnical is how she tried to fix it: Blu-Tack.

All it took to fix it was: one piece of softwood sawed very thin and chiselled to shape; two struts made out of old lawnmower plastic blade tips, filed down to fit; some Bostik gum; a couple of nuts and bolts from my PC supplies box, going through holes I drilled in the hardboard where it overlapped the piece of wood.

How my mother thought Blu-Tack would hold that stand onto that hinge, I've no idea. Yet ask her what she was doing in (roll dice) June (roll dice) 1973 and she can tell you immediately.

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