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10:04am on Thursday, 29th April, 2010:

Unsustainable Sustainability


I received an interminable email a couple of days ago about the university's car parking policy. Today, I got around to reading it.

This couple of sentences caught my eye:

In response to suggestions about overflow car parking - to make the overflow car parks a permanent area goes against what we're trying to achieve as a University in our Sustainable Transport Policy. The University's strategy is aimed at promoting alternative methods of transport to single occupancy car-use for students and staff at the Colchester Campus.

In other words, they deliberately make us park in mud holes in order to encourage us come to work by bus. It's a carrot-and-stick approach without the carrot and with the kind of stick that means "adhere".

It used to be that "health and safety" was used as the excuse for not spending money. Now, it's "environmental concerns".

If they're that worried about sustainable transport, they should recruit fewer rich students and more poor ones; they don't tend to have cars.

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