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8:58am on Friday, 26th March, 2010:

New Monitor


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my PC was playing up, and I suspected a power supply problem. I was planning to buy a new PC sometime soon anyway, so Iordered one online to be custom-made for me (basically, "give me the second-best component in every category") (er, "except power supply because only the best in category has enough oomph to power the rest"). It hasn't arrived yet as it failed in testing so they're rebuilding it.

Anyway, my screen was getting increasingly unusable. Yesterday, it took an hour to get from being switched on to full brightness. This does not sound like a power supply issue. Could it be that the monitor is failing? Well I didn't think so, because when I had the monitor powered up alone its screen was fine — it only went dim when I switched on my PC. Also, it's only two and a half years old. However, as an experiment I tried it on my daughter's PC.

It was dim.

I then tried my daughter's monitor on my PC.

It was bright.

Half an hour later, I was the proud possessor of a new monitor, bought at a discount from PC World. It's a 24-inch Packard Bell Maestro 242 DX. Finally, something that has the height that my old CRT display had! I think they were trying to sell it so they could push the new touch-screen monitors that are coming along, but I actively dislike touch-screen monitors — I find any grease on the screen a distraction. Yes, this means I can't do anything that involves having more than one pointing device, but I can live with that (at least until this monitor dies, anyway).

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