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5:46pm on Saturday, 13th March, 2010:

Ominous Signs


I've been thinking about getting a new PC for the past couple of months, but this week the desire to get one has become more pressing. When I switch it on first thing in the morning, the screen on my monitor flickers. It continues to flicker for several minutes (longer and longer each day) until it eventually stabilises and looks normal. I suspect it's a power supply problem.

The reason I didn't buy a PC earlier was because I was reading stuff and writing stuff and didn't want to disrupt anything or I'd miss deadlines. Just as I was getting close to finishing, I got asked to write a book chapter for an academic LOTRO anthology. I've almost finished this, but have now got a request to make changes to a chapter I wrote for a different book, based on the talk I gave in Magdeburg last year. Meanwhile I have a dissertation, two theses and a movie script I've promised to read. If I get a new PC, it'll be days before I can use it for anything worthwhile as I transfer over all the stuff from my current PC. Yet if I don't, it could be that next time I switch it on, it doesn't come on.

I guess I'd better hit the mail order PC web sites...

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