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2:00pm on Sunday, 21st November, 2010:

Holding Out


The Eurozone countries are keen to stop Eire's financial problems from spreading to Portugal and Spain, so they want to loan Eire money to stop its finances from collapsing. the government of Eire, however, insists it has enough money for several months yet, and doesn't want their money right now, if at all. Yet the Eurozone countries see that the effects of this could be catastrophic for the Iberian peninsula and really, really want to lend Eire money.

It looks as if Eire is finally accepting the offer, but if I were them I'd have held out. "No, we won't accept your loan, but you're welcome to give us the money", that would have been my line.

Of course, I never am going to be the government of the Republic of Ireland, so any claims I make as to what I'd do if I were aren't exactly supportable...

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