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1:37pm on Sunday, 21st November, 2010:

Film Review


As I mentioned yesterday, I've been to see the new Harry Potter movie. So, it seems, has Observer film critic, Philip French, although I didn't see him the in audience at the Colchester Odeon at 10:30am. Here's part of his review:

OK, so I haven't read the books and am disappointed to discover that the word is spelled "horcrux" and not "whore crooks", but I'm pretty sure that those airborne cohorts are death-eaters and that the horcrux is some kind of thing that there are just a handful of and that need to be destroyed if the bad guy isn't to win (and Harry Potter himself will maybe turn out to be one, thus giving him an awkward dilemma). Maybe I'm misunderstanding what he meant?

Well no, I'm not:

Those were definitely death-eaters, or, possibly, deatheaters or death eaters, depending on what it says in thosee books I haven't read.

Then, there's this bit:

Hmm, well the actor is Welsh, but I thought he was doing a fairly passable Irish accent? Maybe in the book he is Welsh and I just heard the accent wrong. His daughter, Luna, sounds Irish, though.

This is the same Philip French, Observer film critic, whom I praised for his review of Red Dead Redemption earlier this year. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

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