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5:09pm on Friday, 19th November, 2010:

Random Photos


Here are some random photographs I finally got around to taking off my mobile phone today...

Here's someone with a numberplate showing low aspirations:

Maybe that's where the driver came in a "how to park your car" competition — out of four...

This is an unmissable special offer going on in Little Chef right now:

For all those people who regularly buy six coffees, this must be a godsend!

This display is of, well, I don't know if they're meant to be garden ornaments or what:

Damned comparethemarket.com has a lot to answer for...

This advertisement is from the café at Hornsea Mere:

There can't be many places that still sell Mivvis. I think you can maybe get them in Tesco. I wonder if they have any Spangles in the shop inside?

This computer is set up in the room where we have our CE217 class:

It was there last week and it as there this week, too. The same is true, incidentally, of this sign that I wrote:

If you add any reference to a psychologist, people don't like to interfere because they don't like to think they're being experimented on. That's psychology for you...

Finally, here's what's going on in Square 2 at the university right now:

It seems that when they did all the construction work earlier this year, they didn't connect up the drains very well. It was a couple of inches deep in rainwater earlier this week.

You can maybe see why I'm not in a hurry to put these photos up the day I take them...

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