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4:38pm on Friday, 19th November, 2010:

Seasons of Mist


It's been foggy all day here in Colchester. Not foggy like it gets when a roke comes off the sea in Hornsea, my home town, nor foggy for two weeks like it gets in the Vale of York where my mother's parents lived, but foggy all the same.

Students and fog don't get on. I don't know why, but it seems to make them want to stay in bed all day. This meant I could actually get a parking space when I arrived at the university at 10:45 this morning. Indeed, I had a choice from dozens. Normally I'd have to park in a muddy field if I arrived mid-morning, assuming that there was actually room in the muddy field; today, though, it was easy.

I had to put the light on at 2:30pm so I could see the keyboard on my PC, though...

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