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3:53pm on Monday, 18th January, 2010:

Music While You Work


We're having some work done to our house. Our old soffit boards, which are made of rot, are being replaced by ones made of uPVC. The team doing it are outside right now standing on scaffolding and stuff, and cutting guttering to the right length.

The're also playing music. It's music with lyrics. Actually, given that it's something like the Beastie Boys, calling it "music" is perhaps overstating its medium. Anyway, the point is that it has words I can hear. This means I am completely distracted by it.

I could ask them to stop, but then they'd talk. I could ask them to stop talking, but then they wouldn't work. I therefore had the following options:

  1. Put on my headphones and listen to The Nutcracker.
  2. Go in to the university and work there instead.
  3. Play computer games.

I did the second option, because I had a lecture today, but I couldn't leave it for too long before coming back because the guttering people might steal my house or something.

Hmm, I think I'll plump for option 3 over option 1...

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