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10:26am on Sunday, 17th January, 2010:

Eye of the Beholder #7


Continuing the occasional series...

Jane Fonda:

Jane Fonda is a well-known actress and erstwhile political activist lauded for her beauty. Indeed, given the above image of her in her prime, it's easy to see why. I myself can see how if it weren't for just one thing I might find her beautiful.

That one thing is Henry Fonda, her father:

She looks just too much like him. Even when she was young she looked too much like him. As a result, I can't look at Jane Fonda and not see Henry Fonda. This flicks some kind of off switch in my beauty-detection system. Henry Fonda was not beautiful, Jane Fonda looks just like him, therefore Jane Fonda is not beautiful.

The same applies to other women who I might think were beautiful if I didn't know what their fathers looked like — Zoë Ball is another that springs to mind. I see a female version of a male face I already know and that's that for me, my in-built beauty assessment facility closes down. I realise that this is probably not a problem shared by the vast majority of the population, but they're not writing this blog, I am.

Sorry, Jane, I really can't see beyond your dad's face.

Yet millions of fans disagree,

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