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1:11pm on Saturday, 16th October, 2010:

Award-Winning Coverage


For the fourth year in a row, The Guardian won, well, read their own piece on it:


Here is the newspaper's entire print coverage of games this week:

I reproduced these two at half the magnification of the first one — they're not quite as tiny as they look in comparison. Nevertheless, one (small) page in Thursday's G2 pull-out and another (smaller) page in today's TV guide is pretty miserable. Today's Review section alone has nine pages on books, two on theatre, half a page on poetry, two on painting, one on architecture, plus 2½ pages on Shakespeare's sonnets. Those are full pages, too, not the half- or quarter-sized ones that games get.

The reason The Guardian won the print media award isn't because their coverage is good, it's because other newspapers' coverage is worse...

Did they mention GDC Online? No. I'd have thought Ian Bogost's Cow Clicker talk would have been right up their street, but no. They probably weren't even aware GDC Online had even taken place, given that it didn't register in the Guardian Games Blog (which is generally pretty good). Except, surely the Games Blog people must read Gamasutra? That had coverage. Rock, Paper, Shotgun had coverage, too, even if they were completely ignorant of my explanation as to why I put levels in MUD ("I'd say that was more to do with D&D"). Breadth could perhaps be one reason why they pipped the Guardian Games Blog for the best gaming blog award...

Sigh. Maybe the Games Media Awards should just drop the newspaper category entirely.

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