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4:12pm on Friday, 15th October, 2010:

Always the Same


Here's a screenshot from Civilization V:

It really is a screenshot — I took a photograph of the screen with my camera, because the PrtScr then paste method didn't work (it always generated an all-black screen).

The reason I was sufficiently motivated to get my camera out and do this is because of the flags.

Look at the flags on the ships, and then look at the way the sails are billowing. The flags are pointing the opposite direction; they should be pointing forwards, carried by the wind, not streaming behind like they would if you were holding one and running. It's almost always like this in games — it's very rare that you see one in which the flags blow the right direction. It's the same with windmills, which invariably turn the wrong way.

What is it with computer game animators and air movement?! Augh!

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